Ancient Mariners play Block Island

Wed, 07/12/2017 - 11:30am

The Ancient Mariners fife and drum corps, founded on July 4, 1959 by Roy Watrous, a Guilford, Connecticut native, played on the lawn of the Block Island Historical Society. The corps portrays the common sailor from the period of 1812 in American history. However, fifty percent of the corps is comprised of Swiss members as well.

The longest tenured American of the group is Neal Sherry, a Guilford native, who plays the fife and has been with the corps for 46 years. Sherry learned to play the fife while training with the corps from an early age.

The Ancient Mariners play year round in the New England region, performing their musters at parades, etc. Members of the corps practice weekly at the VFW in Guilford.

The corps was scheduled to play at the Block Island Historical Society, and at the Island Free Library on July 12. They also planned on having dinner at The Beachead, before heading back on the New London Ferry to Connecticut.

This video content is property of The Block Island Times. Video by Cassius Shuman.