Bluffs parking lot refurbished

Paid for by Rhode Island DEM
Fri, 07/14/2017 - 1:30pm

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, at the behest of Gov. Gina Raimondo, built a natural descent pathway at the bottom of the Mohegan Bluffs stairway to make it easier and safer for people to transit to the sandy shoreline. Now, as part of the project, the New Shoreham Highways Department is refurbishing and expanding the parking area, complete with a taxi stand.  

Highways Superintendent Mike Shea, who noted that “first bluffs, or the Edward S. Payne overlook” is being upgraded, said the work “is being paid for by the Rhode Island DEM. The parking lot is the second of three phases being done in that area. The first phase was the rebuilding of the base of the stairs last year.”

Gail Mastrati, spokeswoman for DEM, said, “DEM has dedicated $150,000 for the Town’s activities in connection with the Mohegan Bluffs Trail Access Design and Construction project; this includes construction of a reconfigured gravel parking area, construction of a new public access pathway/steps, and installation of directional and safety signage and an informational kiosk.”

“In the parking lot we are enlarging it for more parking, it will have a pick up and drop off area for taxis, and will have designated parking areas for bikes and mopeds,” said Shea. “The third phase will be the replacing of the overlook that was taken down a few years back. The work is being done by the Highway Department and Joe Sprague’s crew.”

Shea noted that, “Rhode Island DEM is the property owner and has been working with the Town of New Shoreham and Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council to complete the upgrades.”