Flash flooding on Block Island

After torrential thunderstorm hits
Fri, 08/18/2017 - 3:00pm

A thunderstorm with torrential rain hit Block Island on Friday, August 18 making people scramble for cover and leading to flash-flooding in some areas of the island. The Block Island Times took a tour though town and captured some of the images.

Parts of Corn Neck Road and Bridge Gate Square were flooded with cars having to contend with deep water on the town's streets. A line of sandbags were deployed by someone to try and stop the flooding in front of the shops on Water Street.

Note: Toward the very end of the video is a good perspective of the flooding at Bridge Gate Square and on Corn Neck Road. (Also see photos from the storm on our Facebook page.)

This video content is property of The Block Island Times. Video by Cassius Shuman.