Irish Ambassador sets down on Block Island

Thu, 09/07/2017 - 8:00pm

The man in the light green sweater, speaking in a gentle but distinct Irish brogue, was having a good time. He was surrounded by what would no doubt be familiar names, if not familiar faces: McAloon, Mooney, McMahon. He was holding a Guinness, and no one was in any hurry. 

The man in the green sweater was Dan Mulhall, who had been newly appointed as the Irish Ambassador to the United States. He had landed in New York a few days before, and was headed to Washington, DC, where he would present his credentials to President Trump. He found his way to Block Island through friends, Brian and Karen McMahon, who have a house here and felt this would be the best place for Ambassador Mulhall to have his first pint of Guiness on U.S. soil. Mulhall was with his wife, Greta, who said the verdant landscape of Block Island reminded her of home. — Lars Trodson