New interim President hired

Fri, 02/03/2017 - 9:45am

The Block Island Power Company has announced that Jeffery Wright, an electric company executive from Vermont, will  be  joining BIPCo as its interim President. 

Wright comes to Block Island from a long career in the utility industry starting at Central Vermont Public Service and Vermont Electric Power Company. He spent the past nine years with the Vermont Electric Cooperative ending as their Chief Operating Officer. Wright joins Howell Conant and Dave Milner in BIPCo’s management team.

According to the Board, Wright will be paid at a rate of $150,000 per year. His initial contract is for six months.

“In the next several months, BIPCo needs to complete the interconnection with the new National Grid cable, recover generation capacity from last summer’s fire, begin purchasing power from the mainland and undertake related financial and regulatory tasks in addition to keeping the power on. Jeff will complement the efforts from Howell and Dave to make this happen,” the press release stated.

The release concluded by saying: “This has been a time of much change for BIPCo and a major undertaking. The Board wants to recognize the accomplishments that all the BIPCo staff have made in this transition period.”

“We look forward to having Jeff on the BIPCo team and to welcoming him and his wife, Linda, to Block Island.”

With some additional reporting by Lars Trodson.