New summer brew: Blockstar

It’s not just a sticker any more
Fri, 07/14/2017 - 12:45pm

The famous Blockstar stickers now have a taste to go along with them: a wheat ale called Blockstar described as having a “bright, zesty flavor… that’s crisp and refreshing.” The new brew is a mashup between the Whalers Brewing Co. out of Wakefield, and Dominic Nardini, who created the Blockstar stickers more than 10 years ago.

Whalers Brewing Co., which was founded by Wesley Staschke and Josh Dunlap in 2012, was looking for a summer ale to capture the vibe of a Rhode Island summer. 

“They were trying to find a beer that epitomized summer life in Rhode Island,” said Nardini. “They saw the Blockstar stickers, and they contacted me and I said, sure, you can use it.” They worked through a deal this past spring, and now the brew is flowing through taps all over the state, including nine restaurants on Block Island.

Staschke said he went to school in Boston and has a background in Mechanical Engineering, but “started brewing with some college friends about eight years ago. I moved to Rhode Island in 2012 to open a brewery and that's when I met Josh Dunlap, one of the other owners, who started brewing while he was in the Marines.”

Staschke said “business has been great so far. We have had tremendous support from people locally and beyond. We’re growing very rapidly and have been doing everything we can to keep up with demand.” 

He described the beers that his brewery creates as “high quality beer that is easily approachable and enjoyed by craft beer drinkers — or anybody. They are full of flavor but not overwhelming. We also brew some experimental-style beers for people who like to branch out a bit.”

Blockstar, he said, is the “perfect summer beer. It is wheat-based, brewed with heaps of fresh shredded ginger root, crushed coriander, and sweet orange peel. The spices pair nicely with the hefeweizen style yeast strain and are not overpowering. It is a crisp, clean, easy drinking beer.”

“If it wasn’t a great beer,” said Nardini, “That would have been a deal-breaker.”

All the Blockstar accessories can be found at Mar-Mar on Dodge Street and at

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