Recreation Board getting ready for summer

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 8:45am

The past few weeks have been spent tidying up and preparing island facilities for the upcoming summer season, according to Recreation Department Director Dave Sniffen. Heinz Field is being reseeded for the opening of the home opener of the baseball season, which starts on Saturday, April 15, and the final touches are being put on for the annual Shad Bloom Race , which takes place on Saturday, May 13.

The Recreation Board is also trying to coordinate it so that, at the very least, there are portable bathrooms available at the Fred Benson Beach Pavilion during the weeks immediately following Memorial Day (May 29), because the inside facilities won’t be open until sometime in June due to staffing and safety issues. 

“If you have it open and unmanned, there are ample opportunities for people to mess with things,” said Sniffen. “The alternative is to have somebody there, but that’s not really an option.” 

The restrooms will be opened on Memorial Day weekend itself. 

Sniffen also announced some details of a new half-marathon event that will be taking place on Sunday, Oct. 8. The Recreation Board has been seeking ways to create events during the shoulder season, and this is the inaugural event that has come out of that effort. The race will start at 11 a.m. at the Beach Pavilion. More details will follow as they become available.

The Recreation Board is still considering where the town’s Little League games will be played. Still in consideration by the Recreation Board is a piece of land known as the Gorham property, which abuts Heinz Field. There are no restrictions on how the Gorham property can be used, and members of the Recreation Board felt that the land had been purchased by the Land Trust specifically for recreational purposes. 

On another note, Sniffen said the tennis courts at Ball O’Brien Park would not be resurfaced until July, at the earliest. The timing depends entirely on when the person who works on other tennis courts on the island is available.