UPDATE: Foghorn has been replaced

Tue, 08/29/2017 - 11:15am

UPDATE: You should not be hearing the foghorn on the Old Harbor jetty at randoms times of the day any longer. That’s what the U.S. Coast Guard is hoping after installing a new foghorn today (Tuesday, Aug. 29) at the end of the jetty.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Timothy Chase told The Block Island Times that it was “the third unit” installed on the jetty, which was rebuilt over the winter and completed in May. The Coast Guard traveled from Bristol to Block Island with a spare MRASS (Mariner Radio Activated Sound Signals) system that had been picked up in Boston.

As for the reason for the unit’s malfunctioning, Chase said it’s a mystery. “I really can't tell you what was ailing it — if this unit were to be faulty the horn would not sound at all. It’s a mystery to me, unless someone nearby is keying a radio on the frequency to energize it. It’s hard to say, as these systems are extremely simple and very few things can break.”

According to Chase, three unidentified people were caught climbing the aid-to-navigation tower located on the Old Harbor jetty today. Chase said that it is against the law to climb on an aid-to-navigation device.