Fall Mulch Season at Highland Farm

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Thu, 11/04/2021 - 6:58am

It is time to start planning for fall mulching.

Highland Farm sells the highest quality mulch, bagged here at the farm. Call today to have some sent to the Block Island Ferry (delivery is free).

We would like to inform our customers that all mulch is not created equal.

There are companies offering mulch at a discounted price. We want you to know that a good portion of these products are made with tree brush, stumps, old pallets, and unknown things. We have even heard of people who have actually caught posion ivy when spreading mulch.

The discount mulches being offered can attract bugs such as termites and carpenter ants. This is bad to put next to the foundation of your home.

Highland Farm only carries the best products on the market and offers them at an honest price. If you are looking for real bark mulch, we sell it.


BARK MULCH - is better for plant health. It contains waxes that shed water and increases the water capacity in the soil. BARK MULCH also increases phosphorus and potassium levels in the soil, which are micronutrients that are essential for plant health. BARK MULCH maintains its color longer. A small amount of enviornmentally safe food coloring dye may be added to increase color consistency.


WOOD CHIP MULCH (pallets, stumps, tree brush) may look good when purchasing, but buyer beware; WOOD MULCHES have a high carbon-nitrogen ratio. This means that WOOD MULCHES rob the soil of nitrogen, the third primary nurtient essential for plant growth. 

Highland Farm wants to let our customers know this information not to scare them, but give them the information they need to make an educated decision.