PART 7 My Search for the One True God

Thu, 06/11/2020 - 6:45am

PART 7 My Search for the One True God

Chapter  9

Devoid Of Earthly Realities

Remaining, we have Judaism, Christianity (Born Again), Seventh Day Adventist, Church of Latter Day Saints, Jehovah’s Witness, Christian Science, and Islam.

To review, the theology of my own faith is not the basis in this manuscript. My determination as to whether a faith is following the one true personal God is based on His personalness in that faith by their own standards. Furthermore, each religion has the right to determine the beliefs and requirements for their members unless they are contrary to earthly realities (i.e., human necessities such as air to breathe, food, drink, responsible health care, etc.). But if some of the basic beliefs contradict earthly realities, how can we trust their doctrine?

One faith combines the teachings of their founder with generally accepted biblical teachings. Membership requires agreement with the founder’s teaching, obedience to two commandments (turn only to God’s perfect mind for guidance-the mind that was also in Christ, and…love thy neighbor as thyself25); follow Jesus’ teachings in the Sermon on the Mount; and exhibit devout obedience to Christ’s example through good works, patience, meekness, love, watchfulness, prayerful gratitude.26

A closer look reveals that some of the founder’s teachings are contrary to commonly accepted and scientifically proven earthly realities, including:

  • Sin, sickness, and death which appear to have physical causes, are instead only states of mind.27
  • Illness is an illusion caused by faulty beliefs.28
  • Bad things that happen are not real, but illusion.
  • Matter does not exist.29
  • Evil and good are not real.
  • There is no sin, and hence no sin nature.

If a religion’s theology is contrary to earthly realities, how can its doctrine regarding spiritual matters be taken seriously? While Christian Science members adhere to these ideas; I cannot consider this faith in our search for the one true personal God.                                                                 

Chapter 10

Thy Kingdom Come

Six faiths remain, Judaism, Christianity (Born Again), Seventh Day Adventist, Church of Latter Day Saints, Jehovah’s Witness, and Islam; and one of them exhibits much evidence of God’s personal nature throughout their history.

To review, God revealed himself to Abram, who believed in Him; and from Abram’s descendants came the twelve tribes that would eventually be known as the Israelites who settled in the Promised Land of Canaan. This people developed unrighteous patterns of disobedience to God’s instructions, and not only comingled with the inhabitants of the land but also began following their gods. As a result of such unfaithfulness, they were subjected to God’s wrath; severely disciplined by Him; and were eventually taken into captivity, becoming the subjects of other empires.

Throughout history, they’ve been looking for the Messiah, a king born of human parents and possessing normal physical attributes like other people30, who would be sent into the world by their God to overthrow the oppressors and reign over the entire earth. A potential Messiah arrived on the scene at one time, but he didn’t meet their specifications and was rejected. In 70AD, Jerusalem was overthrown by the Roman Empire, its temple and court system were completely destroyed, and its citizens scattered throughout the world.

In recent years, this people has migrated back to their homeland, becoming a nation once again, but are still waiting for the coming of their Messiah who will rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, reinstitute the Mosaic Law; restore their court system; and establish a global government.

Another way of looking at it would be to say that this group is expecting the arrival of a Messiah who will become involved in their day to day lives. But, when he will arrive is anyone’s guess.

In my personal quest, I would not consider this religion because I don’t want to wait until an undisclosed future time to be able to have a one-to-one relationship with their Messiah. The religion that will now be eliminated from our consideration is Judaism.

Chapter 11

That I May Know Him

Five faiths are left—Christianity (Born Again), Seventh Day Adventist, The Church of Latter Day Saints, Jehovah’s Witness, and Islam.

In one of my earlier examples, I shared about how God’s presence enveloped me with a sense of peace and joy when I believed in Him. With that in mind, are there any remaining religions that provide a format or systemized way to follow God without advocating that He will come into their life literally, allowing them to experience his presence? Two of them fit this description.

The first faith advocates belief in one God who exists in three persons, and advocates belief in their founder’s writings and adherence to a set of rules for living a good life. After death, they believe the soul remains at rest until a final judgment at which all will receive an immortal body and a determination of who is allowed to enter heaven will occur. There is no mention of God coming into one’s life and impacting him/her with His presence now.

The next faith also believes in one God. Followers adhere to teachings their prophet verbally received over a 23-year time span from God via angelic messages. The requirements for believing, worshiping, charitable giving, fasting, and a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage are detailed in the preceding text. After physical death, the soul goes to a world known as “Barzakh”, the interval between death and resurrection. On the Day of Judgment, the soul will be given an immortal body and will be sent to Paradise if the tenets of this faith have been followed throughout its life on earth. There is no mention of God coming into their life personally and impacting them with His presence on earth.

As a result, the two faiths that are no longer under considered in our quest for the one true personal God are Seventh Day Adventist and Islam.

Would you still like to be impacted with God’s presence in this lifetime? Please keep reading because you will soon encounter such an opportunity.



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