We do have August weeks Available! https://rentals.liladelman.com/block-island-summer-rentals

Fri, 06/29/2018 - 3:00pm

Contrary to what you might think...we do have August Weeks Available! https://rentals.liladelman.com/block-island-summer-rentals

Vacation in the ever so popular location on Mansion Beach or try the privacy of Mill Cottage on Old Mill Road. Enjoy the stylish comfort of Blackberry Meadow or the modern, convenient location of Gesson. All of these rental homes have August and other summer weeks available take a look at these Lila Delman Rental homes. All of our rentals include cleaning, linens, garbage removal and beach supplies.  Just get on the ferry and enjoy your vacation!





Call us at 401-466-8777 or email us at BIRentals@LilaDelman.com