Art around town...

“Paintings, Monotypes, and Monoprints by Two”

Fri, 08/14/2020 - 10:30am

Stephan Haley’s innovative monoprint drawings and monotype woodblock prints and Heidi Palmer’s new work in monotypes and oil-on-canvas come together in an exhibit at the Jessie Edwards Gallery, on the second floor of the Post Office building, from Friday, Aug. 14 through Aug. 26.

Haley’s techniques are not simple, though he uses simple materials. For his monoprints, he begins with a pencil drawing over which he places acetate onto which he then brushes on the ink one color at a time. In “Goldfinch Reunion,” seen above at right, hundreds of the small yellow birds flutter together in a green field flanked by pine trees.

Palmer’s six monotypes begin in much the same way as her oils-on-canvas. “I start with the way light falls on a place or object, I feel my way in the dark toward the light” she said recently. “Last Day,” seen at left, evokes the wistful sense of day and stay on the island coming to an end as a late sun casts shadows across the fields and onto a clothesline empty save for a clothespin bag left hanging on the line.

There will be a “Gallery Walk Through” on Friday, Aug. 14, where visitors can enjoy the show at their own pace. The exhibit will be open to visitors during regular gallery hours, and private viewings can be arranged by contacting the gallery.