2019 House and Garden Tour

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 4:30pm

The Block Island Historical Society’s Annual House and Garden Tour will take place on Thursday, Aug. 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

On the tour, visit these beautiful Block Island homes (see their locations in the map below):

1. Lakeside, built in 1893, (also known as Fairfield Cottage), off Corn Neck Road on Indian Head Neck). To get to this location, park along Corn Neck Road on the west side just north of the Fred Benson Beach Pavilion.

2. Cat Tail Cottage, built in 2010. Artist-in-residence: Briggs Whiteford.

3. Elephant Hill, built in 2003; renovated 2014. Owners Will and Penny Young.

4. Weatherbee Murals at Club Soda (historic name Connecticut House/Highview). Painted in the late 1940s.

5. The Block Island House. Owner: Joe Brennan. Built in 2003.

6. The Woonsocket House. Owner: The Block Island Historic Society. Built in 1871.

Tickets are $40 for non-members; tickets for members are $35 and are available online or at The Museum Shop.

Includes admission to the new museum exhibits. Proceeds benefit operations and programming.

Visitors are asked to remove shoes upon entry (walking shoes recommended).

Please try to carpool, transportation is not provided.

Light refreshments will be available at select locations.

On your drive or bike ride to or from Old Town Road to Center Road, please stop at the historic chestnut tree at the old town center (near Old Town Inn). Lemonade will be served under the tree. Information on the current exhibit on island trees at the Historic Society will be presented at this location.