2019 North Light Faces

Thu, 07/11/2019 - 8:00pm

Jacob LaCasse and Amanda Thomson, Bennington, VT: “I’ve been coming out to Block Island for 17 years now,” said Amanda. “I’ve been orb hunting for five years. Never found one,” she said of the Glass Float Project’s hand-blown fishing net floats, hidden on trails and beaches around the island. Until this day.

Jake led Amanda to a tree where a float specially engraved by glass artist Eben Horton had been hidden (and guarded by her brother-in-law).

“It doesn’t have a number,” said Amanda.

“Turn it over,” said Jake.

“Will you marry me?” said the engraved float. Jake got down on one knee.

“Yes!” said Amanda.

Amanda is such a dedicated glass float hunter that the happy couple continued looking for orbs for another two hours after the proposal... and then shared their story at the North Lighthouse.