The Adventure of His Life

Fri, 09/11/2020 - 12:45pm

A note from BIYC Writing Contest Director William Young:

I would like to apologize to the readers of The Block Island Times for a mixup. The story published in last week’s paper, “Journeys Ahead” was written by Amira Veldman-Wilson, not Chloe Weber. This was my error. I mislabeled the stories when I sent them to the paper. I am sorry for the confusion that this caused. I have reached out to both Chloe and Amira and apologized for the mistake.

Ed. Note: The Block Island Yacht Club created the Short Story contest several years ago as an opportunity for juniors and seniors to write creatively about the island. There are three judges, anonymous to each other and the students, who are given the stories not knowing who wrote them. This is the second best entry (last week’s story by Amira was judged third best).

Evan ran down the bulkhead stairs into the basement, turning on the light, he tried to imagine all the things they would need. Looking around he saw a few of them, extra life jackets, a sail bag containing a new sail, still unused, and a few tools — just in case. Next he called Al to ask him about the provisioning trip to the B.I.G. He had a firm timeline in his mind. They would leave at noon on the favorable tide.

Al raced to the B.I.G. knowing that he was in for the adventure of his life. but wondered why Evan had decided so suddenly that they must embark on their journey so soon. He walked in and headed straight to the back. Past the deli and liquor to the bread and chips. He grabbed a few loaves of bread. Then a bag of Doritos, because why not. Walking back to the deli he ordered five pounds of sliced turkey from Mitch, the butcher.

“Five pounds! Are you sure?” Mitch exclaimed.

“Yes, I know. It’s a lot,” said Al.

“Why on earth do you need that much deli turkey?” said Mitch.

“I’m having some friends over for the weekend and they really like a nice turkey sandwich for lunch.” said Al.

“Ok, if you say so. I better get slicing,” laughed Mitch.

Al wandered away trying to think of more things that they would need.

“Hey, Al, your five pounds of turkey is ready,” said Mitch with a chuckle.

“Thanks. Hope to see you soon,” said Al.

Al walked out of the grocery wondering if he was going to see Mitch again and what Evan had in store for them.

“I got some stuff from the B.I.G., Evan!” shouted Al as he walked through the backdoor of Evan’s house.

“OK. Quickly get in my car. We must go quickly,” said Evan, running down the stairs.

“What, why are we leaving so suddenly?”

“Just get in the car, Al.”

“Evan, I don’t even have any clothing packed.”

“God, Al! Do I have to say it again? Get in the car!”

Chill. I just want to have some clean clothing for wherever we are going.”

“I said get in the car, Al.”

“Fine. But we better not be gone for more than a week, otherwise I’ll be smelling a little ripe.”

They drive down to the Boat Basin. It’s winter, so there are no people, or boats, around. Just empty slips and an empty Great Salt Pond. They walk to the end of the dock.

“Okay, Al. Hop in,” said Evan.

“What are you talking about, Evan?” said Al.

“Just jump in the water. We are swimming to that boat out there.”

“Are you kidding me! First, you wouldn’t let me pack a bag of clothing and now you are seriously going to make me swim in that freezing water.”

“Why can’t you just listen to me for once?

“Because you are being completely absurd.”

“If you’re not going to listen to me then you are just going to have to stay here.”

“I don’t even know where we’re going, for God’s sake!” exclaimed Al.

Evan then jumped into the water and started swimming towards the small CS 30 named Casper.

“Evan are you serious right now?” yelled Al over the increasing wind.

Evan continues swimming towards the boat. Al looks out over the water and sees storm clouds building in the north and white caps scattering the pond.

“Oh, grab the supplies while you’re still on the dock, Al,” yells Evan as he continues swimming.

“Jesus Christ, what have I gotten myself into.” mutters Al under his breath.

He jumps in after Evan. He swims to the boat and pulls himself up at the stern of the boat. Evan is running around the boat getting it rigged.

“Put this lifejacket on, you’re going to need it!” yells Evan as he pulls up the mainsail.

Evan quickly puts on the lifejacket and starts helping to rig the boat. They finish rigging and let themselves off of the mooring. Flying across the water in the high winds they flew out of the Great Salt Pond. Evan stood at the helm steering them through the swell. Thinking to himself that it was fine that they left a little later then he wanted to because the winds were high, so they were carried right out of the pond with no problem and the tide didn’t really matter.

They sailed for two weeks and eventually landed in Palm Harbor Marina, West Palm Beach, Florida.

“Hey, Evan, I need to get some food right now.” says Al.

“Yea, yea in a few hours we will find some restaurant to go to,” said Evan.

“Come on! I haven’t eaten in like two days. I am really hungry.”

“Well maybe if you had bought some more food at the B.I.G. you wouldn’t be so hungry right now.”

“You know what? I am out of here. I’m done with you. I’m leaving. You can’t even tell me what we are doing. I mean we sailed down here all the way from Block Island and now what are we doing here?” exclaimed Al.

“Fine, go if you want but you sure will be missing out.”

“Missing out on what?”

“Just wait and see, Al. Just wait and you will see.”

Al and Evan then spent the next few hours cleaning the boat and making sure everything was in place. They then found a little Italian restaurant where they ordered lobster fra’ diavolo and cheesecake. They paid with cash and started to head back to the boat. They stopped in a touristy shop right near the marina and bought a few tee shirts that said “West Palm Beach” across the front with palm trees around it. They get back to the boat and hop into their bunks and go to sleep. Happy to be able to get a full night’s sleep after a full two weeks out on the water.

Al woke up the following morning around 9 o’clock. He felt as if the boat was back out at sea again. In his head he thought, there is no way, we are docked in a marina in West Palm Beach. Al decided that he should probably get up anyway and see if Evan was up on deck or had gone out to get some breakfast. Al got up on deck and the sun blinded him for a second. He looked around and realized they were indeed back on the water sailing.

“Evan! Evan where are you!” Al called out.

There was no reply from Evan. Instead Al heard: “Hello there, Al. I am your new captain.”

Al turned to see a man he had never seen before. He was short, about 5-foot 2-inches with piercing blue eyes and wild, long black hair with, interestingly enough, pink streaks flowing through the black locks. Al jumped and said, “Who are you and where is my friend Evan?”

“Your friend! You think that man is your friend?” the mystery man exclaimed.

“Yes I do. Now where is he and why are you here?”

“Your friend is not who you think he is, Al.”

“I know who Evan is. Now answer my question, who are you?”

“You seemed to have been tricked into thinking your friend is someone else. You do not know the real Evan,” said the man.

“You are not listening to me. Answer my question!” screamed Al.

The man just chuckled and said, “I hope you have the adventure of your life time you were hoping for.”

Then the man jumped off the boat. Al ran to the side. But the man was gone, never to be seen again. Al started to run around the boat looking for any evidence of Evan. But instead he found that he was left with no provisions and the GPS system had been ripped out.

It was just himself and the open ocean.