After more than 20 years on HDC, McQueeny retires

Thu, 11/29/2018 - 6:00pm

Claire McQueeny, a stalwart member of the New Shoreham Historic District Commission for more than 20 years, has had to say goodbye. McQueeny, who is retiring from an unexpired term, received flowers from Chair Bill Penn on behalf of the commission and said her farewells at the HDC’s meeting Monday night.

In her resignation letter, McQueeny noted that her “failing eyesight” made it difficult for her to fulfill her obligations. “If a miracle happens I will apply for reappointment.”

Penn began the meeting by saying that “there’s something very special that we’d like to do. And that is, say goodbye to one of our long-term members, Claire McQueeny. She has decided to retire. So we want to thank her very much for her service.”

“Thank you very much,” said McQueeny.

Penn walked over to McQueeny, seated in her end seat at the dais, and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

“How long have you been on the commission?” asked Penn.

“Over 20 years,” she said, which elicited applause from those in attendance.

“You will be missed,” said Penn. “I would like for all of us, and for future members of the Historic District Commission, to listen to what Claire wrote in her resignation letter:”

“I ask you to remember, number one: the things we have done, and that our best work is what we don’t see happening here,” said Penn, reading from McQueeny’s letter. “Number two: everything can be seen from somewhere. Number three: enforcement is a very important component of our work.”

After some more applause, McQueeny said, “Thank you, Bill. I want to say that I have enjoyed every meeting. I have great respect for the members of the commission and the work that they do. I will miss it.”