All boaters must quarantine on the water

Tue, 04/14/2020 - 3:45pm

Tuesday, April 14 — Block Island Harbormaster Kate McConville has told The Block Island Times that she is informing all boaters that come into the Great Salt Pond or into Old Harbor that they will have to quarantine on the water for 14 days, no matter where they have traveled from.

McConville erected a sign at Coast Guard Beach on Tuesday, April 14 announcing the quarantine mandate. She said she planned on putting up a similar sign in Old Harbor. It applies to all boats whether they have come over from Newport or out of state, McConville said.

“I’ve had about five boats come into the harbor since we had a shelter in place and advised them of the quarantine,” said McConville. “I have their contact info. Most of them have come in to shelter from weather, and they have all been solo sailors.” She said there are no facilities or services available on the pond or in Old Harbor at this time.

She said the quarantine requirement “has been in place and will stay in place until the town says otherwise.”

This is a developing story. Please see The Block Island Times for more information.