All signs point fish

Sat, 09/28/2013 - 2:00pm

As the Block Island waters transition from summer to fall, we begin to look forward to the kind of fishing that has made the island legendary. The water temperature has already dropped a few degrees, which greatly affects the type and size of fish we see around here. As expected, the striped bass fishing off the beach has not seen too many huge fish, but the cooler water will change that around. There is a lot of bait in the water right now, including silver sides, sand eels, squid, and anchovies. With the unexpected arrival of the anchovies, we expect the bonito and false albacore season to be extended — that seems to be their favorite fish to eat. We are getting daily reports of anglers bringing in both bonito and albies from the Coast Guard channel.

Deadly Dicks, L-Jacks, and smaller Diamond Jigs are the preferred lure for the small tunas. They don’t seem to show up according to any tide; you just have to be there at the right time, so grab your pole and head down to the channel. What most people do is bottom fish for fluke and scup — there are still plenty — and wait for the school of bonito or albacore to show up and quickly change over to lures and try their luck.

As for night fishing off the beach, the good news is that the numbers of bluefish we were seeing earlier have diminished a little. This gives way to better striper fishing, as generally the bluefish are more aggressive than the bass. Mansion Beach and Ballard’s Beach have been the most popular spots on the east side, but don’t forget about Grove Point. The colliding currents at Grove Point often brings in the bait fish, and the larger fish are there to follow. Sandy Point has been seeing good bass at both sunset and nighttime. If the seaweed isn’t too bad, bass have been being caught at Dorie’s Cove and Southwest Point.

Boat fishing has been more of the same. The south side of the island, between 30 to 50 feet of water, is seeing good numbers in bass. Fluke fishing has slowed down in deeper water, and given way to some amazing black seabass fishing.

We are expecting great fall fishing and can’t wait to see what happens out here over the next couple weeks! Are you ready?