All you have to do is cast

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 4:43pm

After a slow week, the fishing has picked back up! Some say it is due to the quick passing storm we had over the weekend; others believe it’s due to how much bait we have around. Plenty of good size squid are all around the island right now, which has helped bring in the bass. I’ve gotten reports of massive schools of sand eels swimming around in the Coast Guard Channel, which is what we expect to see this time of year. There were even reports of 6-12 inch bunker being chased by bluefish, which is not terribly common for the waters around Block Island. Needless to say, the local fish have plenty to eat!

Boaters have been having a blast this week, fishing around the island. I’ve had several reports from charter boat captains telling me about how thick the striped bass are right now. At night, eels have been the most productive between the southeast and southwest points of the island, in between 50-80 feet of water. It has been a bit choppy this week due to the past storm but, nevertheless, Matt King of Hula Charters has been doing well on the southeast side by using eels and Lemire’s Plugworks top water lures. Bluefish are often mixed up with the bass out there, so it’s usually a good idea to use a strong mono or wire leader so you don’t lose your lure. Black seabass and fluke are also being caught off the boat right outside the channel on the west side, as well as in front of Clayhead on the east, using strips of squid or spearing.

From shore, the Block Island Fishing Academy has done very well this week in the Coast Guard Channel. Normally, its target species are fluke and scup, but a student pulled up a nice striper, which is great to see! Fluke rigs with strips of squid, spearing, or minnows will catch both fluke and scup during the day in the channel. At night, the bluefish and stripers move in and will hit sluggos and stubby needlefish, as well as most thin swimmer lures. On the outer side of the channel on Charleston Beach, anglers have picked up a few stripers at night in the 30-pound class. Bass and blues have been also spotted all up and down Crescent Beach, mostly at night. Scotch and Mansion beaches would also be great spots to try out for the bass.

The fish are all around the island, folks! All you have to do is cast…