Annual quilt raffle continues to be success

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 5:45pm

The annual Roll Call Dinner at the Harbor Church has an ancillary event that is as looked forward to as the meal itself.

That’s the annual raffle of the quilt that is put together by several local quilters, which helps raise funds for the church.

Beth Dugan won this year’s version of the quilt. According to quilter Reba McKernan, when Dugan won, she said, “I received the news that I won the quilt. This is better than winning the lottery!” The winner was announced at the annual Roll Call Dinner on Tuesday, Oct. 23.

The squares were made by, starting clockwise from top left: Lois Bendokas (who created each butterfly square on the four corners of the quilt), Sally Stevens (Gothic cottage), Judy Mitchell (Settlers’ Rock), Kathy Crocker (sailboat with red sails), Mena Hautau (snowy owl), Carrie Todd (North Light), Jane Tripler Watkins (view from the Tripler family home), Judy Mitchell (Double Ender), Reba McKernan (colorful umbrellas), Denise Filipe (beach scene), and Marie Shepherd (Southeast Light). — Lars Trodson