Approval aids staff housing and a storage shed

Thu, 08/29/2019 - 4:45pm

The Historic District Commission granted approvals for a project that would add staff housing at the Overlook Hotel, and for installing a storage shed on the property at the Harbor Church.

The commission granted unanimous (6-0) final approval to Steve Filippi at its meeting Monday, Aug. 26 for adding six doors and 11 windows to the basement of the Overlook Hotel at Champlin’s Marina on West Side Road. The $100,000 project calls for adding five rooms for staff housing in the basement of  a building constructed around 1984 that has 37 existing rooms. The project would add 19 beds and include constructing men and women’s restrooms and shower facilities.

“We’re putting in additional employee housing at the Overlook Hotel,” said Filippi while presenting the application. “Per the fire code, we have to add the doors and windows.”

The application notes that six white Thermatrue fiberglass doors and 11 United Vinyl double pane DP 50 windows will be installed as part of the project, matching the existing windows and doors.

Chair Bill Penn noted that, “The DP 50 double pane windows are the ones that are required for hurricane protection.”

Filippi said the doors on the east-facing façade would barely be visible from the outside, as four of them will be hidden behind a concrete retaining wall.

During the discussion, commission member Arlene Tunney, expressed her dissatisfaction with the design schematic.

Prior to making the motion for approval, Penn said, “Arlene thinks we need some more information. Does everybody concur with that? Or, are you willing to accept the application as submitted?”

“I understand Arlene’s point,” said Mark Vaillancourt, adding that he was willing to accept the application as submitted. “More housing is good,” he added.

Dennis Riordan then made the motion to approve, which was seconded by Vaillancourt and the application was approved. While making the motion, Riordan noted that it is not a historic building, but it is located within the island’s historic district.

Harbor Church storage shed

The HDC granted unanimous (5-0) final approval to the Harbor Church after Pastor Peter Preiser presented an application for installing a wooden storage shed on the grounds. Vice Chair Martha Ball was recused because she is chair of the church’s leadership board.

The 16-foot by 12-foot structure will be installed on the Spring Street side of the church’s property near the parking lot. The character of the shed will be in keeping with the historic building, which was constructed in 1888.

“We don’t have a utility storage facility on the property,” said Preiser, while presenting the application for the $900 project. Preiser said that former pastor, Tony Pappas, who was absent, is spearheading the project. Pappas oversaw construction of the affordable housing apartments that were installed at the church this past year and has experience with construction.

Preiser said the shed will be utilized for storing landscaping equipment, and tools, as well as bicycles, etc. He said the shed would have a window in the front and on the side, and a door on each side.

“We’ll have old fashioned paned windows from the Adrian House installed on the shed,” said Preiser.

“So they’ll be recycled,” said commission member Mike Ballard.

“Yes,” said Preiser. “They will be double pane windows.”

Vaillancourt noted that installation of the shed has to meet the requirements of the town’s Building Inspector, which Preiser acknowledged.

Penn made the motion for approval that was seconded by Tunney and final approval was granted.

The next HDC meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 23 at 7 p.m.