Are you considering a solar system for your island home?

Thu, 09/02/2021 - 7:30pm

Dear island neighbor,

If you are considering installing a solar system on your island home, we invite you to submit an application to the Block Island Power Company and send
a copy to the Solar Initiative (tSi), cc myself at in order to get the tSi subsidy. The application to BIPCo will put you on a list for kilowatt allocation that will be limited even after the expected PUC tariff approval. The copy to tSi will put you in the queue for the $1200 per KW subsidy now being offered (under certain conditions).

Here is a list of the action steps you would want to take: Please accomplish number one as soon as possible!
1. Get your property on the BIPCo PV list in order to receive an allocation from the available capacity. The form is on the Block Island Power Company website at:
Fill out the remainder of the form, sign and send to

2. Receive a proposal from CoolEnergy for your customized PV system. The specifics of this proposal will depend in part upon the final wording and approval from the RI PUC of BIPCo’s tariff application, which is pending as I write. We are hopeful that this will be in place in this month. After the PUC’s action, CoolEnergy will be able to present you a complete proposal including information on cost/benefit and return on investment.

3. Upon signed acceptance of contract, in order to proceed, BIPCo requires the signature of the rate payer on the application.

4. CoolEnergy will apply for a building permit.

5. CoolEnergy performs the installation of the PV system.

6. Your bill will reflect your $1200 per KW subsidy.
7. Coordinate with your tax filer to file for your federal tax credit of 26%.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience.

–Tony Pappas