B.I. Wind Farm barge breaks loose

Secured a short time later
Tue, 10/20/2015 - 2:45pm

This story has been updated with new information from Deepwater Wind:

A mooring line connecting two large transport barges carrying the five deck platforms for the Deepwater Wind Block Island Wind Farm broke this morning, disconnecting the barge on which three of the project’s deck platforms were held. According to a Deepwater Wind spokesperson, the line was quickly secured. The incident occurred early Tuesday morning, Oct. 20, off the westerly coast of Block Island in choppy seas and high wind conditions.

The two barges became separated and drifted apart from each other in Block Island Sound before personnel secured the barge. One barge containing two of the 56-foot tall yellow decks was seen battling high seas off the island’s southwesterly side, while the other barge, carting three deck platforms, was situated off the coastline near the North Lighthouse.

“The barge with the decks broke its mooring line this morning, was quickly secured and is now being towed to another location by tug," Deepwater Wind spokesperson Meaghan Wims said. 

Wims noted that "the barge is going to Quonset to repair the mooring line in preparation for installation of the first decks."

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