BIED notes annual progress

Thu, 11/29/2018 - 5:45pm

We sold two affordable homes this year, and put in a new barrier fence in front of the Early Learning Center.”

Block Island Economic Development Foundation President Gerry Pierce provided that information while speaking with The Times prior to the board’s annual and regular meetings on Nov. 19 at the Community Center. Pierce said, “Two affordable housing units turned over,” which is a bit unusual for a one-year time period. “There isn’t usually too much activity. People move in to live and stay. So, there are always people waiting” to purchase an affordable home. 

Pierce noted that one of the homes BIED sold was located “at Old Harbor Meadow, and the other was at the West Side 20.” He said, the house at the West Side 20 has closed and the family moved in on Wednesday.

As for the barrier fence at the Early Learning Center, Pierce said, “We installed the barrier fence in September. Not only is it an effective fence, but it’s also an attractive one, I think.”

In late July, a vehicle crashed into the Community Center, which BIED owns, damaging its walls and closing the building temporarily, prompting the need for installing a protective barrier.