BIPCo begins tree trimming

Thu, 11/16/2017 - 8:00pm

The following was submitted by Block Island Power Company President Jeffery Wright:

The Davey Tree Company has started its work trimming trees to improve the safety and reliability of our distribution system. The work plan for the next eight to 10 weeks is to trim the main circuits that run along mostly the major roads. The crew will be working each week Monday through Thursday until they complete the work plan. 

The work plan was developed by the Davey Resource Group who reached out to landowners to discuss the work required. If you didn’t talk with the work planner or have questions about work on your property you should call the power company to coordinate. The crew will be starting on Beach Avenue, Corn Neck Road, and then will be moving onto Ocean Avenue, Spring, and High Streets. Although subject to change, from there they will be moving towards Beacon Hill, West Side Road, Cooneymus, and Center Road. 

We have been receiving calls about firewood and wood chips.

The wood chips will be stockpiled at the power company and will made available for mulch. Please call the power company to coordinate a time to pick up. The firewood will be left along the side of the road. It is technically the property of the landowner so you should reach out to the landowner to coordinate. Any wood that is remaining at the end of our project will be moved to the power company.

Town Tree Warden Ned Phillips, Jr. has been reviewing the work that has been done and is, so far, pleased. One of Ned's biggest concerns were the Osage orange trees across from the power company in Negus Park. Ned commented after the trees were trimmed that they "looked great" and that he could tell the crew was "careful and thoughtful."