BIPCo pole replacement project underway

Thu, 02/07/2019 - 5:30pm

The 2019 pole replacement program has been underway for the past couple of months. A total of 40 poles have been replaced since December, and Block Island Power Company President Jeffery Wright said that between 100 and 150 poles will be replaced by the end of the project.

Wright said that crews from Energized Line Construction have been tackling some of the more complicated installations. He said the pole recently replaced in Fountain Square was thoroughly rotted, and the technology on the pole replaced in front of the Historical Society on Old Town Road dated back to the 1940s.

He said the priority in terms of which poles get switched out is based on traffic and safety issues and how many customers the pole’s circuits service. Wright said that the pole in front of the Highways Department has two circuits attached to it, and services between 800 and 900 customers, including the downtown business area, Town Hall, and all the way over to the Spring House. Other poles can serve as few as two customers.

“Critical junction poles are the most important right now,” Wright said.

He said the crews will be out on Corn Neck Road, Pilot Hill Road and Mohegan Trail in the next few days. Wright said the weather has been most cooperative.

“The crews have really taken advantage of that,” he said.