Block Island Club opens for 56th season

Thu, 06/27/2019 - 3:15pm

The Block Island Club has a beautiful view of the Great Salt Pond, and for those without their own boats, membership in the Club can also give you access to the Pond.

The 56th season of the Block Island Club is just getting underway (the season runs through Labor Day), and, according to the Club’s staff, it’s offering a wider array of activities both on the water and off than ever before.

Club President Chris Swihart said the BIC is always looking for new members, and the number of people who can join is unlimited. “We’re always looking to recruit new members,” said Swihart. “We’re not at full capacity.” He said the Club has spent the last few seasons focusing on getting more island residents to join the Club, an approach they are also taking this year.

A full season membership is $500, but that comes with $200 in credits for kids classes. Returning this season is club manager Alex Donohoe and waterfront director Cameron Greenlee. Newly minted tennis pro Adam Rudowski is coming on board the weekend of June 29.

According to Donohoe, the Club has three main programs: sailing, arts and crafts, and swimming. Swimming is taught in a newly-built floating area with swimming lanes. Adult sailing is available twice a week, and tennis is taught four times a week.

“Our sailing fleet is bigger than it’s ever been, and a lot more diverse for waterfront activity,” said Greenlee. Members have full access to the fleet, and if they are not experienced they can take lessons or charter a boat with someone with knowhow. There is also paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, and boogey-boarding. A sailing program available to Block Island School students is available in the spring and fall.

Greenlee said the focus is always on safety for its members. “We’re pretty strict about our dock and swimming policies,” he said. Staff members are either lifeguard certified, CPR certified, or both.

Donohoe said that the Club is offering a variety of recurring events, such as kids’ barbecues every other week, teen events each week, a sunset cruise on Monday nights, and tennis tournaments. Starting July 13 there will be sailing regattas every other Saturday.

The season opener is scheduled for Saturday, June 28. For more information, visit or call (401) 466-2222.