Block Island Gardeners celebrate season with Edibles Luncheon

Thu, 09/02/2021 - 7:00pm

Late summer is a wonderful time in the garden, with abundant harvests of many different fruits and vegetables. The BI Gardeners’ Edibles Luncheon on Tuesday, Sept. 14, at noon on the Narragansett Inn porch is your opportunity to share this delicious bounty with friends and neighbors. The price of admission is a dish from your garden (or someone else’s) to share. All are invited.
Following the luncheon, there will be a 20-minute TED Talk: “How trees talk to each other.” This is a fascinating topic about the communication between trees that happens not in the air but deep below the soil.
In addition to the lunch and talk, samples for soil-testing by the University of Connecticut can be dropped off at the luncheon event. You can drop off
your soil sample even if you cannot stay for lunch – but we hope you will. The cost is $18 per sample, cash or check. To obtain your soil sample, use a spade to collect soil from the root zone, about six inches down. Take about one-half cup from each of several spots in the same area, mix them together and allow the soil to air dry on newspapers. Place one cup of the mixed soil (remove stones and roots) into a clear Ziploc bag and label it with the area it
came from (for example: veg garden). The soil-test measures pH and major nutrients (N, P, K, Mg, Ca) plus micro-nutrients, and provides specific recommendations for soil improvement.

The Edibles Luncheon has been a traditional end-of-summer event for the Block Island Gardeners for a long time. Come and join the fun and see why it’s
so special.