The Solar Initiative

Block Island is going solar!

Fri, 08/07/2020 - 10:45am

The following was issued by the Solar Initiative to provide updates on how solar energy is being brought to Block Island. This will be an ongoing series:

Carbon emissions have reached a point of severe environmental impact, including rising sea levels. Obviously, this is of concern to Block Islanders. And now we are doing something about it! The Block Island Solar Initiative is providing free or subsidized photo-voltaic systems to qualifying Block Island residents. The Solar Initiative is funded by a generous, anonymous donor whose goal is to reduce carbon emissions on the island he loves (not to mention the world in which we all live).

Since energy from the sun is non-polluting, sustainable, and free (except for converting it to electricity), the intent is to “solarize” island homes to the greatest extent possible.

To date under this program, seven island homes have had solar panels installed on their roofs, and 18 more are in the works. Installer David Reidy, President of CoolEnergy, says, “Of all the places in the country, solar installations make the most sense on Block Island. It has been a joy to work cooperatively with the donor, the town and BIPCo officials, and the homeowners.”

You might wonder how the Block Island Power Co. feels about this. As President Jeffery Wright told The Block Island Times, “Within the constraints of what our grid can handle, we absolutely encourage the development of solar energy.”

Of course, a critical factor is how the home owners feel. Here is the reaction of one: “I can’t believe how fast and efficient the installation was. I hope more people can benefit from this program.”

Interested? Maybe the Solar Initiative can help you go solar. Please contact Director Tony Pappas at 508-272-8822 or via