Block Island Medical Center Update

Thu, 03/18/2021 - 5:15pm

Block Island Medical Center continues to identify people positive with Covid-19 in our community. Given the evolving Covid variants nationwide, please remain diligent by wearing your mask, social distancing, and washing your hands when outside your family unit. Block Island Medical Center is planning to assist in the next vaccine clinic, scheduled for March 27, 2021. This vaccine clinic will be a follow up to give approximately 300 people their second vaccination.

Dr. Warcup reminds everyone the best vaccination is the one available to you first. We advise any Block Island resident going to the mainland, or who is mobile, to schedule a vaccine at one of the numerous clinics there. Vaccine clinics are now open up to people 60 years of age and older on the mainland and to people with pre-existing conditions ages 16-64. Rhode Island has three vaccines that have been proven effective. The sooner people get vaccinated, the sooner the pandemic will end. Ways to sign up to be vaccinated on the mainland and information on the effectiveness of the three vaccines offered in Rhode Island can be found at

The State of Rhode Island is beginning to change its focus to regional vaccine options. As municipal sites are sunsetted, we are working with state officials to plan and arrange for local vaccination options.

Block Island Medical Center is proud to have helped the Town of New Shoreham administer vaccines to healthcare workers, the eldest and most vulnerable members of our community, as well as the staff at the Block Island School and the Early Learning Center. To date, Block Island Medical Center has helped organize and administer over 450 vaccines to members of our year-round community. We thank the Town of New Shoreham and the community for their expressions of appreciation and support.

Block Island Medical Center would like to publicly thank Bill McCombe, Kyra Ernst, Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Beth Rousseau, and Peter Gempp for their endless dedication and call to service throughout the pandemic. We would like to also thank the Block Island Health Services Board President Cindy Baute, MS, RN, who has traveled back and forth on the ferry, coming out of retirement, just to assist in the vaccination rollout. The people who selflessly serve our community really are demonstrative of why Block Island is such a special community. Block Island Medical Center will continue to update the community.