Block Island water wins a taste test

Mon, 03/24/2014 - 2:30pm

The Atlantic States Rural Water & Wastewater Association (ASRWWA) held its Annual Drinking Water Taste Test competition at Wright’s Farm Restaurant in Harrisville, R.I. on March 12, 2014.

There were eight entries in the Water With a Disinfectant Division, which Block Island won.

The water on Block Island comes primarily from two drilled wells that are 250 feet deep. The island’s water has enough salt content in it so that it is treated using reverse osmosis and then chlorine is later added

“Our staff is proud of the product we’re able to provide our customers,” Water superintendent John Breunig said. “The quality of our water is extremely high.”

The taste test competition judges included, Joanne Demars, U.S. Department of Agriculture Area Director-Warwick; Gina Snyder, Environmental Engineer from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-Boston; and Amy Parmenter, Environmental Scientist with the R.I. Department of Health.

The Atlantic States Rural Water & Wastewater Association is a private, non-profit organization that represents water and wastewater systems through training, technical assistance, and advocacy. The Association’s goal is to provide safe drinking water and protect the environment at an affordable cost to the user.