The Block Island Yacht Club 2022 Maritime Scholarship Available
Fri, 10/08/2021 - 7:33am

The Block Island Yacht Club is pleased to offer applications for the 2022 BIYC Maritime Scholarship Award starting November
30th. 2021 Students who have already graduated from the Block Island School, intend to pursue maritime careers, and are currently enrolled in a college undergraduate maritime program at an accredited institution may receive up to $1000 annually to advance their education.
Students applying for the scholarships must complete an application process that includes supplying:
1. Proof of current enrollment in such a program
2. Documentation of a completed semester that same year with a minimum of 12 credits and a minimum cumulative 3.0 average.
3. Proof of high school attendance for a minimum of three years at the Block Island School.
4. Student will attach a brief (1 page) narrative explaining his/ her specific interest in obtaining a Maritime related degree.
Qualified students should submit completed application materials to the Block Island Yacht Club, PO Box 502, BI, RI 02807,
Attention BIYC Club Secretary by the deadline of Feb 1, 2022. Scholarships are awarded annually by no later than March 31st,
2022. Scholarship funds are sent directly to the qualifying school to be applied to future educational expenses incurred by the student. Students are limited to a single scholarship per year and can receive a maximum of five scholarships during their undergraduate experience.
Request for application forms or questions can be directed to the BIYC Club Secretary at or Jim Fiorato at