Breakwater work set back a month

Completion date now May 1
Fri, 03/10/2017 - 10:15am

The deadline for completion of reparations to the Old Harbor breakwater has been changed from April 1 to May 1. That’s according to Tracy Fredericks, Administrative Assistant for the Harbors Department.

“The breakwater repair is still ongoing,” said Fredericks. “There was a miscalculation in the amount of large rock, which is now being brought to the island. This miscalculation will set the deadline back approximately one month. The original deadline was April 1. They are now aiming for May 1. They have been told they must be completely out of Old Harbor by June 1.”

Classic Site Solutions, a Massachusetts-based construction company, began its work on the breakwater in late November of 2016. The breakwater had been in a state of flux since 2012 when it was damaged during Super Storm Sandy. The Army Corps of Engineers removed the previous contractor from the project due to a series of delays and missteps.

As for Classic Site Solutions, Fredericks said, “We are very happy with their work. They are professional, and experienced. We feel this project is very important to the safety of, and to the overall appearance of the Harbor.”

Over the past few months, an excavator has been traversing the jetty, while reconstructing the breakwater on a daily basis. The contractor is utilizing two excavators to manage the workload at Old Harbor, which involves the placement of stones weighing more than 22 tons each.