Brown a write-in candidate for School Committee

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 7:15pm

Persephone Brown is a young mother of two, one of whom is in the third grade, and a business owner here on Block Island. She’s invested in the community, both from an economic and social perspective. Brown said she wants to help shape its future, and those are some of the reasons why she has decided to run as a write-in candidate for a four-year term on the Block Island School Committee.

“I think more than anything the reason I decided to run is because it’s important for younger people to be a part of the conversation,” she told The Block Island Times. “I decided to join the conversation.”

There are issues that Brown said she is interested in — anti-bullying education, safety in the schools, diversity training, social media — that she understands may very well now be part of the school curriculum and conversation. Because of that she’ll “more than likely do a lot of listening at first, and what I know about myself is I am an empathetic listener, level-headed, and steady decision-maker.”

Brown said she wants to talk to the parents and teachers to learn more about the school and its methodologies. She does not have an agenda as far as what she would like to see changed at the school, but wants to take the time to learn more about what kids and teens are facing today and how the school helps them navigate these issues.

She’s  a fan of vocational education.. “Our community is so versed in all of these trades. That’s our bread and butter. I’d like to have an outreach program to the community,” she said.

Brown also said that she hopes her involvement in running for office may inspire other young men and women her age to do the same thing. “Maybe it could be a growing trend,” she said