Burst pipe spills 18,000 gallons

Thu, 01/25/2018 - 11:30pm

An outside water pipe located behind the Welcome Center in Old Harbor that was not turned off on Columbus Day Weekend finally froze and burst, spilling 18,000 gallons of water before the leak was discovered by the Water Company. 

Block Island Chamber of Commerce President Kathy Szabo said the leak was found and fixed on Friday, Jan. 19. The leak was hard to detect, said Szabo, because the water never came around to the front of the building. 

Water Commission Chair Brad Marthens said there was no damage to property and that the water was absorbed into the ground. A new plumber was apparently unaware of the water line, said Marthens, and didn’t know it was there to be shut off. 

Since the Town of New Shoreham owns the Welcome Center and pays the water bill, a letter will have to be written to the Water Company seeking an abatement, Marthens said. — Lars Trodson