Cable survey ongoing

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 4:30pm

National Grid and Ørsted U.S. Offshore Wind are analyzing the soil and terrain surrounding the two electric cables at the Town Beach, which have become exposed. National Grid’s sea2shore cable connects the island to the mainland, and contains fiber optic cable for the town’s broadband purposes, while Ørsted’s export cable delivers wind-generated electricity from the Block Island Wind Farm to the island’s electrical grid.

“We have begun land based geotechnical surveys along the Ørsted and National Grid cables,” said Ted Kresse, Director of Strategic Communications for National Grid. “This effort, primarily focused on soil borings, could take a few weeks to complete depending on the weather. Ørsted and National Grid will compile and analyze the data collected to help assess sand cover over the cables in the highly dynamic near-shore area. We will continue to keep the town apprised of our progress.”  

National Grid and Ørsted began the geophysical survey work in early December, utilizing a remotely operated underwater vehicle from the shore out to about 2,500 feet into the water. The companies say the survey work is designed to characterize the near-shore environment, which they have called “dynamic,” in order to properly address the exposed cables.