Can you do one thing to restore the earth?

Fri, 04/16/2021 - 11:15am

Earth Day is Thursday, April 22, this year.
(Actually, it is always April 22, in commemoration of the first Earth Day celebration on
that date in 1970.) This year’s theme is “Restore the Earth.”
So, we at the Solar Initiative are challenging you to do one thing toward the goal of restoring the earth. Here are some possibilities:
1. Plant a tree.
2. Start seedlings in a sunny window to transfer to your garden as the weather warms.
3. Recycle. Paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and tin cans can all be dropped at the transfer station free of charge. (Only corrugated cardboard needs to be separated.)
4. Walk or ride your bicycle instead of driving a gas-powered vehicle for short trips.
5. Get an electric bike to use for medium trips!
6. Get an electric vehicle (EV) to use for longer trips.
7. Use the Block Island Bulletin Board or the Harbor Church Fair to relocate perfectly good items to a new home.
8. Find satisfaction in experiences (like eating together, hiking with friends, watching the sunset) rather than buying things. (Did you know that most
purchases end up in the trash within six months?)
9. Cease using pesticides and herbicides. (I have found that vinegar is an effective weed deterrent.)
10. And if any one of these or all of these together are not enough for you to do, here is one big thing you can do: Install a photovoltaic system on your roof. Now is the perfect time to invest in solar electric generation. The federal tax credit of 26 percent has been extended and is available for the tax year 2021 and the Solar Initiative has
increased its subsidy to $1,200 per kilowatt up to seven KWs. Together, these savings add up to just under 50 percent. So you can have your very own roof-top solar system for half of what it would ordinarily cost. Call Tony Pappas at (508) 272-8822 for more details.
And for everyone doing any of the 1 through 10 above, the Solar Initiative is giving away a free bumper sticker. Just swing by the Harbor Church rear entrance to pick up
your very own. Originally designed to ride proudly on the bumpers of electric vehicles, any vehicle can carry the message of responsible, sustainable energy consumption.

Happy Earth Day!