Candidates file for town offices

Thu, 06/25/2020 - 5:00pm

Second Warden André Boudreau will be running for First Warden against incumbent Ken Lacoste in November, and councilor Sven Risom has filed papers to run for Second Warden. That race will be unopposed.

For the three remaining council seats, incumbents Martha Ball and Chris Willi are running again, and island residents Keith Stover (Dem.) and Mark Emmanuelle (Ind.) filed papers for Town Council seats. Emmanuelle has previously been on the council.

Boudreau announced his decision on Monday, June 22.

“This morning, with the full support of many of you and, more importantly, my family, I filed the necessary paperwork to run for office as your First Warden,” Boudreau said. “I look forward to engaging you and discussing how together we can build on the successes of the past and build and maintain a future that we can all be proud of.”

The Block Island Times spoke with First Warden Ken Lacoste to see if he had any reactions or thoughts to share on Boudreau’s announcement.

“I only heard about it about two hours ago, I haven’t had a full chance to digest it. Obviously, he’s been Second Warden for two years, it’s a natural progression of things when you are in that position,” said Lacoste.

When asked if he was considering running for First Warden, Lacoste answered “Yes, I will be considering running for First Warden.”

Councilor Sven Risom announced his decision to run for Second Warden, and also shared his thoughts on why he would be a suitable candidate.

“I am excited to run for Second Warden as I believe my skills and approach to the position will help make the Council even stronger. While we all bring different capabilities to the table, based on the last few years on the Council, I work to bring a reasonable approach to policy with a focus on planning, strategic analysis and purposeful action,” said Risom.

When asked what he thought were the immediate issues to address in the community, Risom said “There are a number of large opportunities to make Block Island even stronger but the top four opportunities, from my viewpoint, are to: 1) Bring increased leadership and management through the pandemic, from a social, economic and environmental point of view; 2) To build an island wide broadband capability (of which the need has been further heightened by the pandemic); 3) Support our Director of Finance [Amy Land] as we rebuild our financial strength, given the shortcomings in revenue and: 4) To ensure that our planning, zoning and island regulations support a Block Island that we all want to live on,” concluded Risom.

The following filed papers for various seats:

John Desmarais (Dem.) for Tax Assessor

Tom Durden (Dem.) for Town Sergeant

Molly O’Neill for Moderator

Corrie Heinz and Wendy Crawford for Land Trust

Kay McManus and Mikey Kiley for Housing Board

Annie Hall and Jess Willi for School Committee

No one filed to be the town’s assistant moderator.