Candidates for town office

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 8:49pm


Below is a list of people who are running for town office. Incumbents for the Town Council include Ken Lacoste, Norris Pike and Chris Warfel. Lacoste and Pike are seeking different offices, and Warfel is running for Councilor again. The other people running for Town Council did not serve the previous term.



First Warden: Ken Lacoste, Republican

Second Warden: Norris Pike, Democrat

Town Council:

Mark Emmanuelle, Independent

Verna Littlefield, Republican

Howell Conant II, Republican

Leslie Dodge Slate, Independent

Chris Warfel, Independent

Allan MacKay, Independent


Town Sergeant: Incumbent Vincent J. McAloon, Democrat


Land Trust: (All Incumbents)

Barbara MacMullen

H. Dennis Heinz

Barbara B. Michel

Harold Hatfield III

Wendy Crawford

Housing Board:
Incumbent John Spier


School Committee: Incumbents Elizabeth Connor and Patricia Doyle


Town Moderator: Incumbent Margaret McQueeny


Assistant Town Moderator: Incumbent Martha Ball


Tax Assessor: Incumbent Jon Desmarais