Catching up with Mary D.

Fri, 04/15/2022 - 4:15am

Where would Block Island be without the Mary D. Fund? The Mary D. Fund quietly helps those in need in many different ways and is truly the backbone of families trying to survive on Block Island. This winter we noticed that children needed warm clothes, coats, hats, and gloves. So to celebrate Mary D. turning 94 back in December, we decided to host a pasta dinner fundraiser to support children in need in the community. It was a giant success thanks to all the helpers that pulled it together and executed it perfectly.
With those funds, the Mary D. Fund was generously able to turn around and provide warm winter hats and gloves to every student in preschool and K-5 at the Block Island School. The Mary D. Fund also provided winter coats, boots and warm clothing to students in need as well. All the students were thrilled because of this support and truly were uplifted by this amazing generosity.

Right now, the Mary D. Fund is supporting another island need and certifying all teachers and students in grades 5 through 12 in CPR and First Aid through the mentorship of Victoria Carson, Health Teacher.

Thank you so very much from all the students and staff at the Block Island School for all you do, Mary D. and Marguerite! May the Mary D. Fund live on forever. Go team Mary D!

Roberta Closter
Block Island School


For over 40 years the Mary D. Fund has been dedicated to the health, wellness and educational needs of our Block Island community. Inspired by Mom, our mission remains the same but as the island has grown, so has the Mary D. Fund in important and wonderful ways! Just one example is our Mary D. Fund Scholarship. Our scholarship is available to all B.I. students who demonstrate a commitment to their school work and helping others. We are very proud to say that just since 2015 we have awarded over 60 Mary D. scholarships! Our scholarship students are all making a difference in wonderful ways on their college and university campuses, their new communities, and back home on Block Island! They are a great tribute to their families and our B.I. community.

The Mary D. Fund is proud to have provided training for B.I. EMTs and fire fighters as well as providing needed equipment.

Our youngest Mary D. scholars are our island preschool students. We are so proud of them and their families. Supporting the health and education of our island children as we care for our beloved island senior citizens is the best investment we can make for our community. Helping others is an island tradition and who we are as a community, near and far.

About the Mary D. Fund with Mom and all of you, I say: “Look what love can do!” That is the power of the Mary D Fund. That is the power of Team Mary D. As Mom has said for so many years to our supporters: “You are the Mary D Fund!” The work of Mary D. Fund continues everyday. We are
excited for all the good we will continue to do with all of you. Thank you! God bless you!

Marguerite and Mary D.
Old Town Road