Cemetery cleanup day

Thu, 04/05/2018 - 7:00pm

The following was submitted by the Block Island Historical Society:

The State of Rhode Island has proclaimed Saturday, April 14 as “Historic Cemetery Restoration and Awareness Day.” The day is designed to bring together groups of local residents, historical society members, Block Island students, and visitors as volunteers to help restore our local cemeteries. It is hoped that at least one cemetery in each of the state’s towns will be cared for on that day. All ages are welcome to participate. 

The cemetery chosen to be cleaned in New Shoreham is Rhode Island Historic Cemetery #1 on West Side Road and Center Road. Stone carver Karin Sprague will instruct in the method of gentle stone cleaning. Pruning around overgrown stones will also occur. 

Dory Wagner, of the Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Commission, hopes that this day will make people aware that the state’s burial grounds deserve more respect than they are being given.

“This day is an opportunity for residents of our towns to get outdoors, put down your cell phones and see historic places,” she said. “Bring your kids, your grandmother. See wildlife and hear the birds. It is very satisfying work to give a little respect and a ‘thank you’ to the early families of our  towns. It’s up to all of us to appreciate and acknowledge what they have provided for us here today.” 

Those wishing to help clean this cemetery should arrive at the stone pillars at 10 a.m., with clippers and gloves. Anyone with questions may contact Pam Gasner of the Block Island Historical Society at Blockislandhistory@gmail.com