Christmas and the animals

Fri, 12/27/2019 - 6:00pm

We all associate Christmas with children.

Most of us have experienced Christmas mornings of surprises around the tree, smiling little faces and happy memories that will last for years. The true meaning of Christmas is the birth of baby Jesus surrounded by Mary and Joseph and the wise men with their presents.

Look a little closer and we see that they are also surrounded by animals.

Here on Block Island many of us will live out our later years without our children, or even our grandchildren, but we have our memories. At Beacon Hollow Farm, like many places, “down on the farm” is a little too far to go for the next generation.

Oh, for sure, we will see them somewhere for a few days, maybe even here, but essentially we will be here without them. However, Christmas will still go on. We will have a decorated tree, cherished decorations that will be carefully placed (as they have been for many years). There will be presents under the tree, but they will mainly be brightly wrapped squeak toys, rawhide treats, and in our case, farm animal apple and mint wafers. There is even a new canvas, water-repellent, brightly-colored donkey winter coat for Radar.

My point being that our animals, whether they are a pint-sized shih tzu or a huge rottweiler, will be with us for Christmas.

With them comes the joy and pleasures of their company, much as they do in all the nativity scenes of the Christmas season. Animals, whether they be your house pets, birds at your bird feeders, a stray cat that you leave treats for — or even a barn full of farm animals — they will bring you happiness not only for Christmas but for the entire year. Our animals will treat loneliness, depression, lighten the pain of our ailments and give us loyal love like nothing else can.

So, for this Christmas season and for all those of the future, love and hug your children and grandchildren cherishing the moment when you get to see them but realize that those furry creatures on your lap, at your feet, on your bed, in the barn or field, they will be there every day.

Our blessings will abound because of them. Merry Christmas is for all living things, just as it was in that manger the night Jesus was born.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Beacon Hollow Farm.