Christmas Piano Recital

Thu, 12/24/2020 - 6:00pm

In the winter sanctuary of an island church,
thunder of children’s feet on wooden stairs
serves as prelude to the annual recital
of young pianists bursting into light in suits
or vibrant party dresses, radiant in youthful
energy and pre-performance electricity.

Starting with simple holiday carols
played by those newest to the keyboard,
and moving through more complicated pieces,
the program culminates with Tchaikovsky,
offered with narration and illustration, to
an attentive audience with cameras flashing.

Thirty-eight musicians give their names and title
their pieces, play with varying degrees of perfection,
then bow to loud applause and chorused bravos,
having sent notes of hope to the world-weary
and wind-whipped who gather this night to cheer
and be cheered by joys of music and community.

— Nancy Walker Greenaway December 12, 2013