Changes at the Medical Center

Clark moves on, new primary and emergency care team hired

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 5:30pm

Members of the Block Island Health Services Board of Directors informed The Block Island Times on Monday, Feb. 10 that Dr. Mark Clark will be leaving his position as Medical Director of the Medical Center in mid-May, and a new team comprising a primary care physician and an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse will arrive about the time Dr. Clark departs. The BIHS Board members said they were confident the trajectory of expanded care and quality health care services that began under Dr. Clark would continue under the new team.

According to Board member Susan Stover, Dr. Clark and his husband “have decided to return to New York to be closer to their families.” Stover, and board members Ray Torrey and Dr. Bob Greenlee, said they expected Nurse Practitioner Laurie Anderson to arrive in April, while Dr. Thomas Warcup will arrive sometime in May. The board members said that Dr. Warcup and Anderson know each other and had worked together before. Warcup is currently at the University of North Carolina Health Alliance, and is in private practice, and Anderson has been an emergency care nurse at South County Hospital since 2006.

“We’re very, very happy that these two want to come and work with us,” said Stover, adding that Anderson and Warcup were looking forward to the “opportunity to work together again.”

The members of the Board described the decision for Clark to leave as an emotional one, and that they accepted his resignation “with regret,” but they felt the new team of Anderson and Warcup would “work seamlessly with the health care staff” now in place, said Stover. “We’re very confident in the direction we’re heading.”

“We believe in this place and we believe in this staff,” said Greenlee, who is also a physician. Stover said the vote to hire Warcup and Anderson was unanimous.

Stover also said that it was important for a smooth transition not only because the quality of health care needed to be maintained, but that the Medical Center was also in the middle of $7.5 million capital campaign. “We don’t want to miss a step,” she said.