Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Thu, 06/11/2020 - 5:30pm

This has been a school year like no other.

The Block Island School transitioned in March 2020 to online learning and social distancing, and in doing so, special traditions and activities that a senior would normally experience were not an option to partake in. None the less, the graduating seniors stayed resilient and pushed through to the finish line of their high school careers.

Given the fact that this year’s class will not have a traditional graduation ceremony, The Block Island Times wanted to dedicate this special edition to them.

Principal Kristine Monje shared her thoughts on the graduating class, noting she had previously taught the current graduating seniors when she was a fourth grade teacher at the Block Island School.

“The twelfth grade was my last fourth grade class I ever taught. I’m proud and amazed by them. They did really well because they were the most mature. They took it in stride and they kept it really upbeat… They really did a job of going with the flow. Their class motto is ‘it is what it is’ — I think that epitomized their understanding of the situation and how they ended the year. A lot of them have great plans for the future,” said Monje.

Superintendent Michael Convery added while this year had been unpredictable, the students pushed through and grew from the moment.

“I think none of us knew at the beginning of the year, that this was going to happen. The students have missed a lot of milestone opportunities, [and] we have tried to give them some sense of tradition… they have been exemplary, resilient, and I love their class motto. They recognize it was thrust upon them, and they really made the most of it. In a strange way, they have grown from it and not letting it define them,” said Convery.

High School English teacher Michael Petrik noted it was his first year being the graduating seniors’ English teacher, and to not underestimate their abilities as students.

“They have been really resilient, and I think it’s easy to underestimate how difficult it is… they’ve done it, finished strong, and have been creative and flexible. They deserve a lot of credit for the way they’ve finished things off,” said Petrik.

Guidance Counselor Cathy Giard shared how impressed she was with the graduating class, and applauded the seniors on their upcoming future careers. 

“This year’s candidates are exceptional - this particular group of kids had challenges to face, and it came true with flying colors… our students are going to wonderful universities – Stetson, St. Lawrence, Elon, Aberdeen, U.R.I., New England Institute of Technology… the majority of those students carried a rigorous course load [and] we worked these kids really hard. Their G.P.A.s are phenomenal which is why they got into such great schools… these were hard working seniors for the most part…They held the course [and] had their eye on the prize,” said Giard.

The graduation will be held on Sunday, June 14 at 1 p.m., and will be broadcast on the Town of New Shoreham’s YouTube channel.

The link to the YouTube channel can be found here: UCmvoSBIQ0bsFRg1kxPgNVCA

Congratulations to the 2020 Block Island School graduates, and we wish you the best on your future endeavors!