Congratulations, Fred and Muriel!

Sun, 04/03/2022 - 4:30am

To the Block Island community,
This is an effort to inform our friends on Block Island that Muriel and Fred Nelson shall be celebrating our seventy (70) years of marriage as of March 29, 2022.

We were married at the Center Congregational Church in Hartford, Connecticut. The date was set during the spring break in Fred’s senior year at the University of Connecticut. The reason was that in the early fall of 1951, Fred was notified that he was to receive active-duty orders from the U.S. Navy as a reservist. His orders were deferred to allow him to graduate in June 1952. Thus, the last opportunity to get married before reporting for duty was spring break 1952.

We cobbled our meager resources to arrange a honeymoon in Bermuda (photo) before deployment. Fortunately, the home port of Fred’s ship, the USS Wrangel (AE-12), was at Pier 26 in lower Manhattan, New York City, which couldn’t have been any closer to home near Hartford. After two deployments to the Mediterranean Sea, and the Korean War became peaceful, reservists were gradually released from service.

As we started our own life, we celebrated by raising two sons: Craig and Eric, who each have met our ideals. They, in turn, married and have raised their own families. We could not be more pleased with the extension of our family.

Following a 30-year career with the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension Service, I retired and Muriel retired as a teacher’s aide in the Avon School system. The following era presented us with unexpected opportunities and pleasure to live on Block Island and to travel about the world - about 35 different countries. Now, we are relaxing and continue to enjoy summers on Block island and winters in Englewood, Florida.
We wish that everyone might be blessed, as we surely have been, to share your lives as well and as long as we have experienced ours.
Fred and Muriel Nelson
1589 Beach Ave.