Covid-19 holidays at the farm

Thu, 11/26/2020 - 7:00pm

As we approach the holiday season, especially at the Beacon Hollow Farm during a world-wide pandemic, I try to look ahead and make plans for some Happy Holidays — a thankful Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. My family, like most nowadays, is scattered and must be shared with their in-laws. It gets confusing, especially this year, to plan because of the constant threats of more social restrictions (while understanding they are for the greater good).

If you live year-round on Block Island, like I do, it could be very simple. We may have some family for the holidays, but more likely will share it with a few islanders that we have been with for years. It won’t be a year for outsiders, with many wanting to stay in place at our age.

If you have animals like we do, then things haven’t changed much.

My donkeys, goats, and horses have no rules on social distancing or gatherings, but greet us each morning with their friendly affectionate eyes, brays, baaing and whinnies.

People will ask me which is my favorite time of year here. It certainly isn’t July or August. It may not be yours, but an approaching coastal winter storm is my favorite. Sit by the fireside, visit the barn and make sure there is ample hay up in the loft above. I feel that maybe I’ve already been quarantined here for years and that’s okay. There may be a lesson learned with this pandemic: staying home isn’t so bad and I understand that having a few acres helps.

So enjoy the holidays with whoever you can, but include a few pets. That will make it worth while.

Every day is Thanksgiving at a rescue farm.