Customers share experiences seeking Verizon credit

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 5:30pm

There have been varying experiences by Verizon customers seeking a $50 credit for the inconvenience due to the company’s network crashing for an extended four-day period, from July 27-30 on Block Island. The outage created frustration among Verizon customers on the island, who couldn’t send or receive calls, texts, or emails. The Block Island Chief of Police called the situation a serious public safety issue.

The Block Island Times solicited comments from Verizon customers on its Facebook page. The following are their experiences with trying to receive the credit.

“My son called and got the $50 credit with ease,” wrote Roberta Wheeler McCormick.

“I was credited $30 for the 3 days it affected my family, the 28-30,” posted Barbara Amaoi Brush.

Sharon Cattera said, “First try on hold for 10 minutes, never got to talk to a real person, gave up. Second try, total phone time 28 minutes. Given the “We don’t know anything about this”, “We see no issues”, “I’ll give you $15 for the days you lost”, finally decided it wasn’t worth repeating myself a hundred times and ended the call. Got a text message I got a $15 credit.”

“I called and was compensated the $50.00 without any issues,” said Peter Carpenter.

The Block Island Trading Company said, “My customer service rep took 30 minutes looking for a notice at Verizon that there was indeed a problem. Didn’t believe me. Finally had an ah ha moment and said ‘it looks like there was a little problem over the weekend. Offered me $25. Told her I have been customer for 15 years, have hotspot and Verizon DSL and that other customers were getting $50. After 10 more minutes she told me ‘I managed to get you an extra $25’. I hate Verizon and will be switching to AT&T in the fall. Good riddance.”

Kara Douglas Zarrelli wrote: “I was given the $50 credit with no problem. I was on the phone with them for about 25 minutes however. The woman I spoke to was very nice.”

In reply to Zarrelli, Caraly Benack Schulze said, “I only got $20 and explained the $50 and no such luck! But glad you got it!”

“Two calls, refused first offer, finally got it approved. Did not evoke Town Councilor until after it was approved. Way too long,” posted Martha Ball.

Karen Haigh said, “Thanks for the tip! Chatted on the App. Took a little while but no problem.”

“After 90 minutes on the toll free number that was published, we were told they didn't know anything about a help line for refunds, there was never an outage, that our account showed usage during that time frame, that the article was fake news on social media and eventually were offered $15. 20 more minutes of disputing their claims we were able to get the refund up to $25. We were basically told we were liars and that Verizon was giving us the refund as a good will gesture. Not a good experience.” posted Kim Constantine Sypher.

“Super easy and the rep was very nice! Good experience!” wrote Christine Wylie.

“$50 credit no problem,” posted Kelly M. Robertson.

“Asked for $50 credit for each hotspot I have on the Island and was told I would receive a call back re: what, if any, credit I would receive,” wrote David Scalia.

Fran Migliaccio said, “I reached a Verizon rep out in Albuquerque who had never heard of Block Island or our outage here. When I described it to him, and told him of the rebate offered, he did some extensive research while on the phone with me and said there was no statement or policy from Verizon about a rebate, and that I had “false information.” He was thorough and obliging, and was able to give me a $12.90 credit on my current Verizon Wireless bill instead. Nice, but not a $50.00 rebate.”

“I was on hold for most of the 40 minutes I was connected to Verizon. I was offered $15 after she confirmed with tech support there was an outage (by the way, I had called to report it but there were no notes on my file of the call or that it was dropped because the service was spotty before it became nonexistent). I told the rep $15 is an insult and that nearly everyone else was receiving at least $25, if not $50. She asked what I think is fair so I told her the $15 extra they charged me for going over on my data and then $30 for my line/troubles. She put me on hold to confirm with the supervisor and I got a $45 credit. I shouldn't have had to "fight" for it, but I am glad I did. Now, on to check out AT&T...” wrote Paula Lowe.