Deepwater pays application fee

CEO hopes permitting process will go forward
Sun, 05/19/2013 - 4:00pm

Deepwater Wind paid a $598,000 fee to the Coastal Marine Resources Council (CRMC) on Monday, which covers its application costs for permitting its $205 million wind farm proposed for off the coast of Block Island.

Jeff Grybowski, Deepwater’s CEO, said now that the fee is paid, Deepwater can move forward in its permitting process with the CRMC.

Deepwater had asked the CRMC to waive the application fee, which had been estimated around $700,000.

However, at a March 6 meeting, the CRMC subcommittee voted 4-1 to reject the fee waiver request and required the company to pay the amount.

Grybowski said that the final amount of $598,000 was the result of an agreement between the CRMC and Deepwater Wind and was tabulated according to the scope of the project applications and CRMC guidelines.

“So now the fee is paid, we will be planning a subcommittee hearing of some sort,” said Laura Dwyer, CRMC’s Public Educator and Information Coordinator.

The process has already taken the next step, as the CRMC voted on Tuesday to adopt the subcommittee’s recommendation to deny intervenor status to those who applied for it.

The CRMC Ocean Special Area Management Plan Subcommittee had in April denied eight individuals legal intervenor status in the Deepwater permitting process.