Deepwater Wind CEO refutes facts of recent letter

Tue, 04/09/2013 - 2:15pm

I understand that some, including Councilman Chris Warfel, oppose the Block Island Wind Farm and the transmission link to the mainland. I respect their right to voice their opposition. But I cannot let false claims made by opponents stand uncorrected.

A number of months ago, Councilman Warfel asked Deepwater Wind for information on our projected energy production from the Block Island Wind Farm. We provided him with the data. Nevertheless, Mr. Warfel insists on ignoring the facts we provided and erroneously suggests in these pages [of The Block Island Times] that island wind resources would be inadequate to meet summer electricity demand. He is wrong. Here are the facts:

Deepwater Wind hired the country’s leading wind energy engineering firm to conduct a 3-year, multi-million dollar study of Block Island’s wind resource. The firm concluded that Block Island is one of the most energetic wind energy sites in New England. The 30 megawatt Block Island Wind Farm (BIWF) is expected to have an efficiency of about 50 percent (average output of about 17 megawatt), which is 15 percent to 25 percent greater than even the best terrestrial wind farms. Even during the low output months of the summer BIWF, the best scientists and engineers in the country expect BIWF will produce about three times the amount of power that Block Island needs.

I don’t imagine that this information comes as much of a surprise to the island sailing community.

— Jeff Grybowski, CEO, Deepwater Wind